OÜ Moonavoor Sisustus Terms and Conditions

1. Order is completed only when seller has received a prepayment.
2. Order cancellation can only be made during the same day the order has been placed. After that seller has the right to withhold costs associated with order placement with the suppliers.
2.1 The seller is entitled to deduct the percentage of bank commission from the repayable amount that is received through card terminal, or via online banking payment.
2.2. It is not possible to cancel an order neither prepayment is refundable after two weeks since placing an order.
3. Internet shop goods can be returned or internet order can be cancelled only if same goods are available as the showroom stock and are returned in the original packaging without any damage ( incl. physical).
Individual orders can only be cancelled according to the paragraph 1.
4. The buyer is obliged to collect his goods from the showroom within two weeks time  from the moment of receiving the notification from the seller about the order having been delivered. Seller has the right to apply a storage fee in the amount of 1% of the order cost per day.
5. Buyer shall immediately inspect the goods upon receipt for the existence of possible mechanical damage, as any subsequent claims will be denied.
6. Buyer commits to read through the wallpaper application manual and consider all individual features of the product as all later complaints received after application of the product or opening the packaging will be denied.
7. Suggested delivery time is stated for each item, but the seller reserves the right without prior notice to delay the delivery of the goods for the reasons beyond the seller's responsibility.
8. Goods can be taken off the production without prior notice. In this case if buyer decides to cancel the order, the prepayment sum will be refunded to the bank account specified in the contract within 30 days. In case if buyer decides to get a replacement product over- or underpaid balance payment is made before or upon receipt of the goods.
9. seller has the right to claim 50% prepayment when ordering in the showroom and 100% payment when purchase is made online.
10. Seller is not responsible for the original color or texture of the goods varying from the computer images. If unsure of the actual color or texture, it is strongly recommended to visit  the showroom in order to check the quality of the product. Such difference in the actual product is not accepted as a reason for order cancellation. ( Please see paragraphs 1&2 for the cancellation of the orders).
11. Seller is not responsible for the accuracy of the calculation of the total amount of product.